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Some Amazing Tips from Brad

Brad from Auto Clinic Of Rockford Inc will provide some wonderful concepts about how to identify underlying issues of your vehicle. This will give you an idea about what might be wrong with your vehicle and bring it in for repairs
Auto service

Learn More About Frequent Vehicle Problems

The check-engine light just came on and everything seems to be running fine:
Did you just recently get gas? That could be the problem. On the newer model cars if you don’t have the gas cap on tight, it'll cause the check-engine light to come on.

How to fix it:
Make sure the cap is on tight and drive. It can take as long as 3 days to clear. If the gas cap is on tight then you might have another problem so it would be best to call and schedule an appointment. If the check-engine light is on and the engine is running normally, it's usually alright to drive around town until you get in for service. If the light is flashing, drive in moderation and have it serviced soon, as long as you’re not having engine problems. If you’re unsure, call us. We will let you know if it’s safe to drive.
Squeaking belt noise:
How to fix it: Shake a bit of Comet kitchen cleanser powder on the belt to help eliminate the squeaking sound. Be sure not to use a cleanser or any other type of powder that has oil in it. You can apply two applications. If the belt still squeaks, schedule an appointment so we can inspect all of the belts and pulleys.
Dash lights not working:
How to fix it: First check the obvious. Make sure you or another driver hasn’t accidentally bumped the dimmer switch or knob. Most cars still have dimmable dash lights even with Electronic clusters. After checking the switch or knob, and repositioning the dash lights to the full on position if the dash light still won’t operate correctly, call in for an appointment so we can troubleshoot the problem for you.
Knowing your brake noise:
Brakes will make noise if they are cold. Once they begin to warm the noise should go away. If your brakes squeal only when you apply pressure to the brake pedal, it’s usually just a set on noisy pads.
However, if the brakes squeal while you're driving and the noise stops when you apply the brakes, you should call for an appointment because it may be time for new brake pads, especially if you also experience a grinding sound.
With all of these tips, it's important to use good judgment. If you just aren’t sure then don’t hesitate to call us, we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Remember, your safety is important to us.
Call our ASE-certified technicians today.
Avoid costly repairs by learning to identify vehicle issues. Brad is here to help. Give him a call if you’re experiencing a problem with your vehicle.
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