Specialty Services: Flywheel Resurfacing - Brake Drum & Rotor Resurfacing - Classic Cars - Carburetors

When we say we do it all, we really mean it. Auto Clinic of Rockford is very unique in the services we are able to provide our clients. 

  1. Scan tools - We do vehicle computer programming, security relearns, and software updates
    1. We have 2 tools for each of the following:
      1. Chrysler Factory - WiTech and the DRB3
      2. GM Factory - Tech 2 and MDI
      3. Ford Factory - IDS and MGS
      4. Launch - European and Asian models
  2. Key reprogramming - these can be costly at the dealership.
    1. Our Owner Brad, has his LSID with Nasft, which makes him a licensed locksmith for Key programming that we can do on most makes and models. Please call first.
  3. We do Flywheel resurfacing, brake drum and rotor resurfacing, we also press bearings
  4. Classic cars - all types
    1. We do full service from routine maintenace, tune, to complete engine overhauls 
    2. Rewiring harnesses, drivetrain rebuilds and distributer repairs
  5. Carburetors
    1. Disassemble, clean replace need components usually consisting of gaskets, a float, fuel filter reassemble, then tuning for optimal performance
  6. Differential rebuilds and gearing ratio changes - this can also be in classic cars but we do it for trucks and other vehicles too
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