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When I bring my vehicle in I always get first rate service, but what sets Brad and his staff apart is they tell you what they believe your next issues will be. They also take the time to share other problem areas they observe as part of fixing your current difficulty. They are always busy, but if there's a serious concern they will squeeze you in. The only problem is that they set the standard so high that when I compare them to any other business in any other field I find that everybody else is a disappointment. I don't think of Brad or his people as simply automotive technicians, although they are the best within 250 miles; after 23 years of consistent excellence I consider them trusted counselors. Brad and his staff are not as good as their word, they're better. Five stars are what I give to the best businesses I rate, Auto Clinic is the Ten Star Industry Standard.

Taylor Grant
It is the cleanest mechanic establishment i have EVER seen! They are very friendly. The job is done right & supper affordable.

Damaris Trujillo
Quality Work That I can always trust ! From a custom El Camino to a "clunker" work pick up truck, from DISASTERS to simple oil changes, Auto Clinic has always treated me right.

J Melka
One of the best auto shops in town. Love there staff and how they treat me. Won't bring a car anywhere else in the Rockford area. 

Spencer Monroe
We have been bringing our cars to the Auto Clinic since they have opened. I found Paul to be honest and trustworthy in his car repairs. A person needs to trust their doctors, lawyers and their auto mechanics. Paul and Brad have assembled a team of auto mechanics that will deliver a top notch repair at a fair price. The Auto Clinic offers a program to aid in those costly repairs called NAPA EasyPay credit card, speak with Jenny for the details. Many people know if one needs it done right bring your car to the Auto Clinic.

Carl Pearson
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My car was towed in on Friday and I drove it out on Friday. They were able to replace my car's starter the same day even though they were understaffed. I was prepared to wait several days but I did not have to. A big "Thank you" to the technician(s) and everyone at Auto Clinic of Rockford for the quick rescue!

Tonia J Vrolyk
Great company very honest and trustworthy I highly recommend these guys awesome awesome company

David Pash
It's so refreshing to find such an honest company. They do exceptional work, weather it's a big or small job. And it's done in a timely fashion.

Julia Johnson
Excellent work, fair honest. Brought my car in to have squeaky breaks replaced since I was told by another location that needed to be done. All they needed was the rust cleaned off. Brad came through again.

Barb Engelkes-Sokolski
Top notch service everyone can trust!!! A real pleasure to do business with.

Jim Reynolds
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Honest professional best ever
This last visit was just a semiannual visit for oil change and service. They also reseat the tires and replaced valve stems (slow leaks). I don't trust anybody but Brad and his crew to work on my vehicles.

Phil F.
A shop you can trust
On my 3th try i finely found a shop i can trust and does good work

Mike F.
Love the family atmosphere...wives always know best.
Thanks for the personal a friend...and takes special interest in everyone and their cars...

Robert D.
Fair, Honest Pricing
We took our grandson't 01 Impala there to find out why the battery kept dying after 2 or 3 days. The price for the electrical repair actually went DOWN from what they orginally quoted.

John M.
ANOTHER "Cop Car", Another Great FULL Check Out
We got ANOTHER "Cop Car"! This one is from Texas, and it's a Chevy Tahoe "Defender". The folks at The Auto Clinic got all the "police stuff" out of it, and set it up so it runs like new. They always seem to be able to get the challenging problems of these former municipal vehicles repaired. All my family members who needed cars now are driving the Crown Vic P7's that were set up by The Auto Clinic. This one is MINE, and is so good, it may be the last one I buy at auction. The way it runs is all because of the great work done at The Auto Clinic. THANK YOU, to the crew at THE AUTO CLINIC.

Jim M.
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